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Packetek - About us

PacKEtek, is a logistics courier company specialized in prescription delivery. With only a few clicks, PacKEtek can deliver your prescriptions; via PacKEtek’s mobile app, website or phone number. We guarantee our delivery service based on a reputable network of drivers with the highest level of customer service and integrity. We envision PacKEtek to be the number one delivery company for your prescriptions and OTC medications, as well as your documents and office supplies. PacKEtek is here to transport your packages so that you can stay home and invest your time and effort on what is important to you.

Why can you trust us?

In 2012, Mario Sena a New York City taxi driver for more than 30 years, recognized the need of a reliable service for non-emergency transportation and created AGAPE Transportation Management. In the past decade, AGAPE Transportation has built a reputable network of drivers held at a high standard of service and integrity. Due to its continuous growth and excellence, AGAPE has exceeded the highest level of service in the transportation industry. Today, the need of a reliable delivery company still exists as it did in the transportation industry back in 2012, and with the same reliability, enthusiasm and integrity we bring you PacKEtek.

Mission Statement

Convenience, reliability and confidentiality for you and your business, with every delivery, with every package and with every service. PacKEtek, there when you need us.

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